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Water Treatment Systems

Partner with US HydroTech to reduce water usage and to comply with wastewater regulations. Our comprehensive water treatment expertise provides proactive options to reduce liability when inspectors show up to assess your facility. As an Authorized Mi-T-M Dealer, we offer state-of-the-art industrial equipment and service to remove oil and other contaminants from wash water and wastewater. Recycle or treat wash water to save money, avoid fines, remove hazardous substances such as oils and metals, and reduce environmental impacts.

waste water treatment

Water Oil Separators – WOS Series

Remove oil and grease from water with a mechanical oil/water separator. Ideal for vehicle wash water, this compact Mi-T-M WOS machine facilitates easy disposal of accumulated oils and solids, allowing for safe discharge of the wash water into the sanitary sewer system.

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water treatment

Water Treatment & Recycling Systems – WTR Series

Reduce water usage by treating and recycling water with one powerful Mi-T-M WTR Series System. Remove free hydrocarbons and filter water for reuse in a pressure washer. We install and maintain these easy-to-use systems in transportation hubs across Northern California.

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wlp waste water treatment

Compact Water Recycling Systems — WLP Series

Reduce water usage by filtering out free hydrocarbons before sending water back through a pressure washer. The Mi-T-M WLP Series Treatment Systems consist of durable, compact units with standard pH and ORP injection and flow rates up to 40GPM—ideal for vehicle wash operations.

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bentonite waste water treatment

Bentonite One-Step Waste Removal Systems

Remove oil, grease and metal found in wastewater through one easy, affordable process. Bentonite One-Step Waste Removal Systems uses a dry acid to encapsulate and separate the contaminants so they can be filtered out of the water.

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