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Convert your cold water pressure washer into a hot water unit whenever the need arises with a heater module.  Each features a powder coated steel frame assembly and several fuel burner types are available.

Frame: Powder coated frame assembly · Fork truck accessible base

Components: Incoming power 120V single-phase · 24V control system · 1/2-inch schedule 80 vertical coil assembly · 12-foot x 1/2-inch jumper hose with quick connects to hook up to existing pressure washer

Additional Feature: Natural gas or LP gas-fired natural draft aspirating-type burner; 10-inch or 12-inch stack

MSRP: $8,689.00


PSI 3500
GPM 8.0
Electrical Voltage/Phase/Amp 115V, 1Ø, 2.0A
Natural Gas BTU per hour 650,000
LP Gas BTU per hour 619,500
Mobility Stationary Pressure Washers
Water Temperature Hot Water Pressure Washers

Weights & Dimensions

Net Weight 707.00 lbs.
Shipping Weight 767.00 lbs.
Length 34.50 in.
Width 34.75 in.
Height 54.50 in.

460V Incoming Power HX-0129

For when you have 460V of power available

575V Incoming Power HX-0177

For when you have 575V of power available

Liquid Propane (vapor only) HX-0180

Converts natural gas pressure washer to operate on liquid propane (vapor only)

Stainless-Steel Coil Wrap HX-0188

Changes powder coated coil wrap to a stainless-steel coil wrap

230V Incoming Power HX-0215

For when you have 230V of power available

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