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Hose reels are convenient for the storage of hoses. Reel capacities based on R1 Mi-T-M hoses.

·Frame mount
·360° pivoting action on 50-0195 & 50-0196 hose reels
·Non-pivoting action on 50-0164 & 50-0165 hose reels
·Easy mount bracket design
·Clean hands hose guide
·Live system

50-0195   (13-inch reel, 150-foot maximum hose length, rated for units up to 4000-PSI)
50-0196   (16-inch reel, 200-foot maximum hose length, rated for units up to 4000-PSI)
50-0164* (13-inch reel without swivel, 100-foot maximum hose length)
50-0165* (16-inch reel without swivel, 200-foot maximum hose length)
*Note: Hose reels 50-0164 & 50-0165 must be mounted with 13-0208A01 (45° bracket) or 13-0210A01 (90° bracket). Also, 23-0307 (elbow) and 23-0243 (reducer) are required for jumper hose mounting.

AW-0050-0138: Universal mount (HSP-2500 Models, HVS Series and HSE Direct Drive Series)
13-0207A01: Wall mount (HEG Series)
50-0140: Bar 29-inch (CWC Premium Series)
13-0175A01: Cold water base mount (JCW & CW Premium Series)
13-0208A01: 45° for mounting reels without swivel
13-0210A01: 90° for mounting reels without swivel

Elbow - 23-0307

Reducer - 23-0243

Jumper Hoses
852-0138: Screw connect, 57-inch (HSP & HSE Belt Drive Series)
852-0139: Quick connect, 57-inch (Cold Water)
850-0278: Quick connect, 85-inch (HSP, HVS, HSE, HHS, HDC & HEG Series)

Price: $1,328.90

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