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Stationary Natural Gas/LP Belt Drive HEG High Volume Wash Series HEG-2010-1E9G


This super-efficient, high volume hot water series is the perfect choice when it comes to the most demanding cleaning jobs.  This machine was designed to tackle heavy and solid dirt, oil and the worst grime.

Pump: Belt drive triplex General pump with ceramic plungers

Motor: Open drip-proof electric motor with manual thermal overload protection

Frame: Powder coated steel frame with removable side panels  

Components: 3/4-inch schedule 80 pipe coil with 8-pancake heat exchanger · Natural gas or LP gas-fired (vapor only) natural draft with aspirating-type burner, 12-inch draft diverter · Electronic ignition with intermittent pilot · Adjustable outlet thermostat for main temperature control · Hour meter · Polyethylene float tank (8-gallon with in-line screen filter) · Time delay shutdown will automatically shut off unit when trigger is released and timer reaches setting  

Miscellaneous: Unique coil design allows thermostat to sense upstream water temperature to regulate outlet temperatures preventing large temperature swings · Temperature rise 150°F/66°C above ambient, maximum outlet temperature is 200°F

Unit Includes: Quick connect nozzles - 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and fixed detergent nozzle · 50-foot x 1/2-inch steel wire-braided high pressure hose with swivel and bend restrictors · Adjustable pressure insulated dual lance with fixed detergent nozzle · Professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock-off 



PSI 2000
GPM 9.9
Horsepower/Motor 15.0 HP, 208V, 3Ø, 44.0A
Natural Gas BTU per hour 768,000
LP Gas BTU per hour 730,000
Drive Type Belt Drive Pressure Washers
Mobility Stationary Pressure Washers
Water Temperature Hot Water Pressure Washers

Weights & Dimensions

Net Weight 1403.00 lbs.
Shipping Weight 1553.00 lbs.
Length 78.50 in.
Width 34.75 in.
Height 65.75 in.

Auto Start/Stop HX-0181

When trigger gun is released, the timer will turn unit off; when trigger gun is pulled unit will restart

(1) Remote Station HX-0182

Adds control box which may be mounted away from unit to control on/off, burner and soap injection

Additional Remotes (up to 3) HX-0183

Additional remotes that may be added to unit after the first remote is installed

Liquid Propane (vapor only) HX-0189

Converts natural gas pressure washer to operate on liquid propane (vapor only)

Stainless-Steel Access Panels HX-0193

Converts powder coated painted access panels to stainless-steel material

Stainless-Steel Wrap HX-0194

Converts powder coated painted coil wrap to stainless-steel material

Balanced Temperature Control HX-0268

Thermostat in heating coil anticipates spiking temperature and cycles the burner to maintain steady outlet temperatures

Dual Gun HX-0270

Two guns may be sprayed at the same time, flow is divided between the two guns while each operator maintains equal system pressure; includes balanced temperature control option HX-0268

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