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Pressure Washer Applications – Think Outside the Box!

When it comes to pressure washers, most people think of washing cars, equipment or buildings. In reality, there are hundreds of uses for pressure washers that most people don’t realized exist. By “thinking outside the box”, a single pressure washer can be used for multiple applications in order to save water, money and time.

Heavy equipment/truck washing is probably one of the first applications people think about. With the right tip, a pressure washer can cut through tough mud, oil and grease to clean up even the messiest jobs.

JP-2703-0MHB Dump Truck

If the job isn’t that messy but is still a large vehicle like a fire truck, a pressure washer will reduce the amount of water and time dramatically while producing a spotless professional result. The last thing a firefighter should worry about is how long it’s going to take them to wash a fire truck.

Bellevue Fire Department Cab Door

Pressure washers are a fantastic tool used around the home as well. Pressure washers can clean years of dirt, grime and paint layers from a deck in no time with little effort!

JP-2703-3MHB on Deck

Anyone who takes pride in their recreational vehicles knows that a good wash is vital to keeping them looking pristine. A pressure washer with a specific tip, is perfect for watercraft washing and won’t harm the gel coat.

MasterCraft Boat #1

Classic cars are a staple of the American Dream. A pressure washer can keep that Shelby GT Mustang looking fantastic in the show or on the road and won’t harm the paint.

Shelby GT350 #2

Pressure washers are a fast, easy and affordable way to reduce water usage and increase production time. Contact US Hydrotech for more information on the full line of commercial, industrial, agricultural and at-home Mi-T-M pressure washers.

State of California Mandatory 25% Water Reduction: Easy Ways to Get Started

By now we’ve all heard of the mandatory 25% water reduction that was put in place recently by Governor Brown to help curb the inevitable truth that the state is running out of water faster than it can replenish it. With the little rain we’ve had this season, it’s hard to imagine how we’ll dig ourselves out of this pickle but there are simple solutions that residents and small business owners can implement now that will dramatically help the individual and the overall community to save a gallon here and there.


– Install low flow aeration devices on all faucets and sprinklers to minimize excess water.

– Tightening the nut on water faucet.

– Use a simple hour glass shower timer.

– Reduce watering times for gardens and lawns to shorter time lengths, more frequently to let water soak in and not run off.

– For businesses, install low flow toilets and no flush urinals.

– Use a pressure washer whenever possible to dramatically decrease water usage.

– Change filters on air conditioners.

– Change ice machine filters.

– Use a greywater filter on washing machines to divert water to plants and shrubs.

– Use a broom to sweep up loose dirt instead of washing away with water

Using these simple solutions along with plenty more will help save thousands of gallons of water per year that would otherwise be wasted. If you have any other suggestions on how to reduce water, please feel free to comment below 🙂