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Flood Clean-up

Damage from a flood can be extensive and expensive. Using the proper tools can help facilitate the job and get you back up and running quickly.

Try and not let furniture sit in water for any amount of time if it can be helped. the sooner it’s removed from the water, the better chances you have of saving it. If you live in a flood plane, try to consider floods when purchasing furniture and arranging it in your house. If it’s possible, keep furniture with metal/steel legs downstairs which can withstand water longer than wood can.

Keep a pump in your house for emergencies such as a flood. If you have a basement, keep the pump down there as it’s likely the first place you’ll need it. dig trenches outside your house to help divert water away from it and keep sandbags handy for flood prevention and also afterwards to stand on as to not be wading in water.

A large floor squeegee can help push gallons of water off smooth floor surfaces in a matter of minutes and will allow surfaces to dry quicker.

After all water has been removed, an good industrial fan is a good tool to help dry out damp areas. These can be rented from most local hardware stores or rental companies.