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Inverters vs. Generators


There are several applications for generating electricity in a portable setting. Work, recreation and emergency are the main reasons for needing portable power. Many people do not know that in addition to the typical generators, there are also inverters. This blog will explain the main differences and will hopefully help in picking the correct one.

Generators are typically noisy and have one mode the entire time they are running after initial start up. One can find a decent generator for a reasonable price. Inverters electronically throttles the motor up and down to meet the demand of the appliance/tool it is running. This results in improved performance of the appliance/tool, better fuel economy for the inverter and are less noisy than their generator cousins.

Having said all that, inverters come at a cost. Typically, they are more expensive than a generator, but in the long run, they can be used for more purposes without the risk of damaging the equipment they are running. Yes, that’s right. Generators can damage the equipment they are providing power to. Generators have a very harsh sign wave (picture low lows and high highs). That extreme fluctuation can damage appliances and especially electronics like computers and cell phones over time and reduce the life of them significantly. Inverters have a smaller sign wave which means after initial start up, the power flow is more evenly distributed and results in a smoother power stream.

Generators are fine for running pumps, freezers and power tools for example. Beyond that, anything else such as refrigerators, TV’s, computers, cell phones, medical devices, etc. an invertor is the better choice.

Mi-T-M provides a full line of invertors and generators to fit every application. Visit today for more information!

Mi-T-M Pressure Washer Accessories – From US Hydrotech

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Mi-T-M pressure washers are the staple of the pressure washer industry. They are built to last through the most labor intensive jobs and now Mi-T-M has made it a whole lot easier to get the job done.

There are many accessories that can be attached to a Mi-T-M pressure washer to help do the job better, quicker and with less effort. A few of them have been listed below.

Floor Scrubbers:

Floor Scrubber

Clean larger surfaces faster and easier than with a standard cleaning nozzle. The Mi-T-M surface cleaners are equipped with strong-bristled brushes for long life and easy glide control. This cleaning accessory can be used on decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, parking lots and any other horizontal surface.

Extended Reach Wands:

Extended Reach Wand

Clean hard to reach places by using extended reach wands. Can be used on siding, house eaves, farm equipment, semi-tractor trailers and multi-story buildings.
Telescoping wand belts holds telescoping wands, reduces fatigue and strain. Provides better operator control, optimizing cleaning performance.

-Works with AW-7018 and AW-7017 telescoping wands
-Includes three plastic snap-on clips that snaps to your shoulder, waist and the wand

  • Fiberglass wands
  • Aluminum wands

Power Brushes & Water Brooms:

Rotating Brush
Water Broom

The rotating brush offers low pressure rotation for hard to remove debris on sensitive surfaces. Can be used on painted surfaces, fiberglass, wood or brick.

-Natural hair bristles
-Quick connect
-Adjustable angle
-3.0 to 6.0-GPM flow rate
-176°F temperature rating
-Can be used with low pressure detergent injector

Gutter Cleaners:

Gutter Cleaner

The gutter cleaner turns your want into an efficient rain gutter cleaner. Clean your gutters from the ground and blow out dirt, grime, leaves and anything else that may be stuck inside the gutters.

-4000-PSI maximum pressure
-1/4-inch quick connect socket outlet and plug inlet
-Fits all gasoline pressure washers

Winery and Vineyard Wash Down Solutions

Check out US Hydrotech for winery and vineyard equipment wash down solutions.

Cleartreat Bentonite Clay 50 Gallon Treatment System

Cleartreat is a type of bentonite clay that acts as a binding agent for wash and process water. When added to the water and agitated, it automatically binds to heavy metals, paint, oils, greases, etc. and creates what’s known as a “flock”. This flock is lighter than water, so it will eventually rise to the top of the container once agitation ceases, leaving clear water that can then be either reused or disposed of legally down a sanitary sewer drain.

The SATS-50 system is a 50 gallon treatment system that is so easy to use, you simply add the pre-measured clay into the process water container, push the start button and walk away. Once the reaction has taken place, open the ball valves to release the water into the filter bags, thus separating the flock from the water. That water can then be reused or disposed of down a sanitary sewer drain.

Contact Hydrotech Environmental Solutions today for more information on this easy to use cleartreat clay system!

Cleartreat Bentonite Clay

Mi-T-M Water Cannon Pressure Washer

Mi-T-M Surface Cleaner

A how-to video on using a Mi-T-M Surface Cleaner effectively

How To Use a Hot Water Gas Pressure Washer

This video instructs users on how to safely operate a hot water gas pressure washer. For more information on this product and many others, visit or

Mi-T-M Gas Air Compressor Video

Check out this video from US Hydrotech on how to use a gas air compressor

For more information, go to today!

CA sues Honda over small engine emissions

Honda has agreed to pay $6.9 million dollars after it failed to meet certain emissions regulations on small engines.

California standard emissions were recently re-assessed and determined that Honda was not meeting the minimum requirements to fall into compliance. Specifically, Honda small engines such as lawn mowers, pressure washers and generators are the main culprits. According to the CA regulations, small engines can release as much CO2 as driving 300 miles if they are run for just one hour.

Honda’s small engines did not pass tests that measured how much fuel would evaporate from the powered-off engines in a 24 hour period. In more simple terms, more fuel evaporated from some of Honda’s small engines than is permitted in California.

For more information on this development and what types of engines are now in compliance, contact US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions at

Single & Dual-Axle Trailers

Trailer-Mount Pressure Washers are a convenient way to mobilize heavy duty systems to get the job done quickly and efficiently. These trailers are customizable to fit many applications. Pair these robust trailers with an industrial pressure washer and you can clean dirt and grime anywhere, anytime. These mobile pressure washer trailers and built tough, making them the perfect solution for cleaning in rugged and remote sites.

Features include jack with pad, 2 inch ball hitch, rubber mounted sealed lights, tanks are enclosed in a powder coated steel frame, will fit all belt-driven pressure washers, 1/4-inch solid steel trailer deck plate, aluminum treadplate steps for access to water tank, storage area located under the water tanks, 200 gallon water tanks plumbed together.

Accessories include:

Hight pressure hose reels, Low pressure hose reels, replacement hose reel parts, backflow preventers, trailer tank bypass, trailer hitches.

Contact US Hydrotech Environmental Solutions today for your free estimate on a customizable trailer to fit your needs!