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Invasive Species: How US Hydrotech is Changing the Game

Invasive species are an old foe that is showing it’s ugly head once again and the human race is left to deal with the aftermath of this wake of destruction.

This destruction takes many forms, the most familiar and often unchecked are plants that crowd rivers and lakes diverting and sometimes preventing water flow.

Some well-known examples which are becoming more common are Quagga and Zebra mussels. They attach themselves to watercraft so they can populate in a new water source and are very difficult to remove once they have established themselves.


Some animals on the larger size of the food chain can also be an invasive species to be aware of. Snake head fish kill for the sake of killing and will decimate an eco-system without mercy.

Snakehead fish

US Hydrotech has a solution to all these invasive species issues. The Porta-Pad is the fastest, easiest and most affordable solution to wash, contain and dispose of contaminated wash water effectively. It is a fantastic alternative to permanent wash pads and can be set-up and packed away by 1-2 people. Contact US Hydrotech for more information:

Porta-Pad Invasive Species