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Lakes On the Rise

The results of El Nino were somewhat disappointing because it was supposed toproduce an exceptional rainfall year when all it did was produce a somewhat “normal” rainfall year.

Lake levels are on the steady rise due to recent rain fall. According to, we are on track for a steady rise in most lakes. Folsom lake is at 85%, Lake Mendocino is at 70%, Lake Oroville is at 96%, Shasta is at 93% and Whiskeytown and Lewiston are almost full at 98% and 97% capacity respectively.

As we all breath a sigh of relief for the time being, this is all but a drop in the bucket for staving off the drought coming into the summer months. The aqua-ducts deep within the ground below us are still quenched for thirst. A couple of good rain storms may look promising from the top, but underneath us, it’s still very dry and will take much longer for our water table to rise back up.

Saving water is still more important than it ever has been. Some easy ways to conserve is putting timers in the shower with you that buzz when you have taken too long, put a bucket under the faucet while waiting for hot water to come through and then use that water to water plants. Plant low-water-usage shrubs and trees and install a drip system.

This coming year is going to be a tough one and if everyone does one thing to help conserve water per day, that will make a big difference for the community.