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Car Wash Bays

Car washing is one of the leading causes of heavy metals, oils and greases and other contaminants getting into our rivers and streams since most storm drains go directly to those waterways.

There are a few simple things to add to a regiment that can drastically reduce the impact on the environment.

One thing we would like to focus on in today’s blog are the importance of vacuums and using them correctly.

Vacuums are great for cleaning up fine debris, but can be counter-productive if the dust is not contained inside the vacuum. Time and time again we have witnessed workers who will vacuum up dirt and debris, but then simply open up the vacuum container to dispose of the contents and it goes everywhere and eventually back on the ground. It is important to dispose of vacuum waste in an environment where wind and other elements cannot disturb the dust while emptying it into a trash container. Simply doing this indoors will greatly reduce the risk.

The fine particles of what a vacuum picks up are one of the most highly concentrated form of contaminant. We need to be more conscious about how we work with vacuums to make sure to protect our environment.