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Cleartreat Bentonite Clay 50 Gallon Treatment System

Cleartreat is a type of bentonite clay that acts as a binding agent for wash and process water. When added to the water and agitated, it automatically binds to heavy metals, paint, oils, greases, etc. and creates what’s known as a “flock”. This flock is lighter than water, so it will eventually rise to the top of the container once agitation ceases, leaving clear water that can then be either reused or disposed of legally down a sanitary sewer drain.

The SATS-50 system is a 50 gallon treatment system that is so easy to use, you simply add the pre-measured clay into the process water container, push the start button and walk away. Once the reaction has taken place, open the ball valves to release the water into the filter bags, thus separating the flock from the water. That water can then be reused or disposed of down a sanitary sewer drain.

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Cleartreat Bentonite Clay