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COVID-19 clean up: Pressure Washer Mister Combo Unit

US Hydrotech is proud to offer one of the best pressure washer and mister combination units on the market today. Made by M-T-M, this commercial grade pressure washer mister system puts disinfectant right where you need it. It is perfect for disinfecting large or small areas such as gyms, school desks/locker areas, bus and train seats, airline seats, etc. The list goes on and this little but powerful unit will get the job done quickly and economically. The combination electric 1400-PSI cold water pressure washer and 350-PSI low pressure dispensing mister is extremely easy to use and more efficient than manual misting. Simply adjust the valve to convert the unit from a pressure washer to a mister. Powered by a high quality electric motor it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor cleaning and disinfecting.

Each combination unit includes a two-piece 36-inch lance and trigger gun with quick connect nozzles for pressure washing and an additional trigger gun with a misting nozzle. A 75-foot x 14-inch high pressure hose with quick connects allows for convenient use of both the pressure washer and mister.

US Hydrotech offers the unit in either a hand-carry or wheeled option. Please visit us at our storeroom location at 5500 Commerce Blvd. Suite A, Rohnert Park CA 94928. One of our knowledgeable sales associates can help you get the right mister for the job. This mister will save you time and money!